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Welcome to Sea Scouts Ship #50 !
Home of Sheboygan County High School Sailboat Racing League

Who are we?
Sea Scouts is a co-ed venturing program of the Boy Scouts of America. Membership, advancement, and achievement is open to all High School age youth without regard to race or ethnic background. The Venturing Program provides character development, citizenship training, mental and physical fitness.

Sheboygan's Sea Scout Ship 50 is chartered by the Sheboygan Yacht Club to provide a safe environment for venturers to experience and learn lifetime boating skills by sailing, racing, and kayaking. Ship 50 provides the opportunity to appreciate and respect safe boating on Lake Michigan and the Sheboygan River. Membership is open to all Sheboygan County High School age youth . Experienced adult volunteers use a dedicated fleet of sailboats and kayaks to provide experiential training of many boating skills.

Sheboygan County High School Sailboat Racing League

Racing is competitive. Do you have what it takes?

High School Sailboat Racing is a very popular program Ship 50 conducts during the summer months. Co-ed and competitive, we teach you how sail, then train you how to race on our fleet of five Flying Junior sailboats.

Where are we?
The Sheboygan Yacht Club first chartered Sea Scout Ship 50 in 1932. It is one of the oldest in the country. With over 600 Ships chartered world wide, Ship 50 boasts the 26th longest, continuous tenure in the Sea Scout organization. The Sheboygan Yacht Club has a long and proud tradition of serving the community by supporting Ship 50 with safe and protected facilities to launch and store our fleet of boats.

Sheboygan Sea Scouts - Watkins

Why sailing?
Sailing is a fun, co-ed sport that many students continue to participate in at universities across the country and world. Sailing offers a life long opportunity for safe and environmentally kind recreation. Once basic sailing skills are mastered, the sport provides life long experiences to appreciate and respect the natural forces of wind, water, and nature.